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ready, set, could have a clear understanding of the numbers in your business? had a solid process when it came to your income, expenses & financial organization?

...all the resources you needed to start a business were right at your fingertips?

What If...

Over the last 10 years I have helped my clients make sense of their bookkeeping & feel confident around their numbers.

They have been able to use their finances to help them make important decisions in their businesses while growing mindfully.

They know how to plan for best case scenarios & worst case scenarios.

Most importantly they feel good about their understanding on what is going on in their business numbers. 

I created ready, set, cfo to teach YOU the process I use with each of my clients so that you are able to feel that same CONFIDENCE around the money in your business. more clarity allows for more dreaming!

How much do I need to save for taxes?

How much should I be paying myself?

How can I get organized financially?

I need a birds-eye view of my business finances!

I struggle with paying myself consistently.

Do any of these sound familiar?

You are not alone!

say hello to

ready, set,


here's what you will learn:

Module 2

Modules 3 & 4

Module 1

Step by step instructions on setting up an LLC, filing for an EIN, the bank accounts you need & much more!

How to set up your bookkeeping, use it correctly, actually enjoy it and get into a bookkeeping groove.

 Understanding the financials in your business & using them to plan for the future! Learn to use your numbers to help you make important decisions!

Other resources included: 

- Business foundations detailed checklist
- Pre-built templates for bookkeeping & CFO work
- Step by step guidance on how to use the templates 
- Quickbooks Online examples for QuickBooks users
- Master accounting & bookkeeping checklist

How to make your business legit..

Bookkeeping Explained

Be Your Own CFO!

the course

It's time to replace Confusion with Clarity & take control of your numbers

ready, set, 


will give you everything you need to:

set your business foundations up correctly & easily

learn the basics of bookkeeping & create a routine around your numbers

plan for the future, budget for big decisions & stay on top of cash flow



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I'm Ready!

I'm Ready!